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Mari L'Esperance

Gorgeous photos! I'm a big fan of hydrangeas myself. A poem in my forthcoming poetry collection The Darkened Temple (University of Nebraska Press, September 2008) features white hydrangeas. Your images present this complex and evocative flower so poetically. And the spiders add the perfect complement. The combination of shadow and sun in the first image is beautiful. And the one of the little green blossomlet reaching out across a leaf -- heartrendingly lovely! My mother grew up near Meigetsuin in Kamakura, which of course is famous for its profusion of hydrangeas at this time of year. Makes me miss my family and that place...

Alex Case

Lovely photos, but in the flesh (in the petal?) I can't bear them. I can't even see them as a flower, I just see stuck up old grannies in fake Tudor semi-detached houses in South London every time they are in front of me


Muy buenas fotos, enhorabuena !!!


Mari, I'd love to read the poem. I've been to Meigetsuin during hydrangea season and it's just beautiful.

Alex, hydrangea are not terribly popular in Canada so I have no previous image of the flower. Except for first ones I ever saw (I was 18)--they were potted plants with giant puffball-like blossoms, one in pink and the other baby blue. I hated it. But the hydrangea here are so different from those that I didn't even recognise them as the same plant. Aren't the ones here different enough from the ones in England to change your mind?

Gracias, Japobo!


Just wondering what camera do you use to take such clear pictures? It is normally waterproof or do you have to add a casing?

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